McDonald’s sued again for serving its coffee too hot

Joan Fino, a 74-year-old woman from Clovis, Calif., is the latest to sue the fast food giant over burns to her groin area that she says were caused by scalding McDonald’s coffee. About 14 months ago, Fino ordered two cups of coffee from a McDonald’s drive-thru. When the cups were handed to Fino, she alleges, one of the lids wasn’t safely secured.

The coffee spilled, causing “severe burning to her genitalia,” said her lawyer, Nicholas “Butch” Wagner, in an interview Friday. And it’s “still burning.”

Wagner claims that McDonald’s keeps its coffee at dangerously high temperatures so that it tastes fresh for longer periods of time and less coffee is wasted.

“Despite over 1,000 complaints from customers about being burned by the coffee, McDonald’s still continues to brew the coffee at such an exceptionally high temperature,” Wagner said. “They are saving more in production costs in brewing coffee and serving at such high temperature than it costs them to settle the cases with these people who have been injured.”

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