Contract Disputes

Contracts are an omnipresent facet of modern life. The range of contracts that the average person will encounter is broad: from buyer-supplier contracts negotiated by your small business, to personal, implied contracts between you and a landscaper, painter, or construction team. Complications often arise during and after contract execution, sometimes due to miscommunication and misunderstanding between the parties, sometimes due to a change of heart, and sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances. Even seemingly unambiguous contract terms can give rise to disputes after the fact.

Despite the ubiquity of contracts in our everyday lives, it can be a difficult process to navigate the complex factual scenarios and legal ramifications of business, employment, and personal contracts. If you are concerned with either drafting a contract or enforcing a breached contract, our attorneys can help. We work to minimize your risk at formation and will litigate aggressively to uphold your contractual rights.

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