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California Hospital Pays $975,000 to settle employment discrimination case involving non-English language in the workplace

A California hospital has agreed to pay a $975,000 settlement in a harassment and discrimination case that alleged the employer created a hostile work environment for Filipino staff members. The case involved claims from about 70 current and former Filipino…

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21-year old camp counselor crushed to death by falling tree; parents sue PG&E in a wrongful death action

Annais [Rittenberg], died July 3 when about 40 feet of the large black oak tree snapped off and fell at Camp Tawonga near Groveland.   Four others were injured. The tree took down power lines but damaged no buildings. Children…

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Bay area drivers pose greater risk to pedestrians, but are prosecuted less harshly

The Center for Investigative Reporting poured over pedestrian records collected by the state and found that 30 percent of people killed by drivers, were hit while walking in a legal crosswalk. That’s three times the national average. Since the 1930s…

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McDonald’s sued again for serving its coffee too hot

Joan Fino, a 74-year-old woman from Clovis, Calif., is the latest to sue the fast food giant over burns to her groin area that she says were caused by scalding McDonald’s coffee. About 14 months ago, Fino ordered two cups…

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California sued over lagging nursing home inspections

A Sacramento advocate for the elderly is suing the state for allegedly endangering vulnerable residents by failing to promptly investigate nursing home complaints, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in San Francisco. The suit, brought by the Sacramento-based Foundation Aiding…

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