“Prepare every case as though it will go to trial.”

Because we conduct thorough research into the law and facts in preparation for trial, we are often able to obtain good results through settlement.  If a satisfactory settlement is not reached, we are ready, able, and willing to go to trial.

At the Dandavati Law Group, the practice of law is not just a job — it’s a passion.  For us, the practice of law is a means of accomplishing justice and helping people obtain what they deserve given the merits of their case.

One of the complaints frequently levied against law firms is their tendency to overlook clients, treating them as though they are merely files, and not real people with real problems.  Often, clients are forced to deal with unreturned phone calls and emails, and with attorneys who rarely, if ever, make time for the client to meet face-to-face.

Here at the Dandavati Law Group, you will be treated with respect at every stage of your case while being provided the highest-quality professional and legal services.  Your telephone calls and emails will receive a response within 24 hours, barring emergencies or scheduled vacations.  We believe strongly that our clients should be a part of the process as we move forward with their claims.

It is important for your case that delays be avoided.  The sooner we are contacted, the sooner we can start preparing your case, securing the evidence, and protecting your rights.

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